Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day At Johannes Restaurant


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a special Irish-Austrian feast at Johannes Restaurant

St. Patrick’s Menu – Click to Enlarge

Chef Johannes Bacher of Johannes Restaurant has long been known as the “Eclectic Chef” because of the innovative global twists he adds to the Euro-Austrian cuisine served at his restaurant.

On Sunday, March 17th, the Eclectic Chef, Bacher, will be serving a special Austrian-Irish St. Patrick’s Day dinner menu along with the regular dinner menu.

The Austrian St. Patrick’s day menu is the first to be served at Johannes.

“We have been asked by some of our customers,” said Bacher. “If the menu is popular we will think about next year keeping the menu the same or add new items.”

The St. Patrick’s Day menu will feature grass-fed boiled short ribs with cabbage and potatoes; potato leek soup; oven-baked organic Irish Salmon; Stiegl Tag Unfiltered Lager Beer with a green twist and raisin bran pudding with vanilla sauce; an Austrian-Irish dessert, which consists of raisin, bran, pudding and a rum vanilla sauce.

The concept for the special menu was a result of Bacher’s worldly travels.

“I had an Irish girlfriend at one time and spent a few weeks in York, Ireland.” Bacher said. “I became familiar with the cuisine of the Irish.”

According to Bacher, Irish and Austrian cuisines are similar and were easy to blend to create for the menu.

“There is a similarity when it comes to certain holidays between the Irish and Austrians,” he said. “Because the seasons are similar, we pretty much grow the same vegetables and use the same type of ingredients, such as boiled beef, potatoes and cabbage.”

It takes a full day to prepare the menu, said Bacher.

“We prep the meat the day before since it is better to boil the meat the day before. The meat is better and has more flavors cooked the day before. The remainder of the menu is prepared, fresh, the day of.”

Bacher encourages everyone to come by Johannes Restaurant on March 17th whether you are Irish, Austrian, a new customer or a regular customer.

“I will have my regular guests dine that evening,” he said. “We will advertise the special menu (also) which usually brings in new customers.”

Johannes Restaurant will also be serving the regular dinner menu; the restaurant just may be a bit more festive than usual.

“We may have to decorate with festive balloons and offer green Austrian beer,” Bacher said.

The fusion between Irish and Austrian food and cultures never sounded more delicious and fun.

For more information about Johannes Restaurant, go to their page here.